Felted pillowcase


The beautifull felted pillowcases “Sunrise” and “Moonrise” , handmade in Sweden of Swedish wool. Design is inspired by lore and ancient handicrafts. Very suitable for every interior, usable as decorative cusion. Wowen wool bak, a zipper. There are only 1 in every color but let me know if you wish to order a pillowcase in other colors! The price refers to 1 pillowcase.
Handfelted wool from lokal breeds gives you feeling of softness, sustainability and moves you clother to the nature. Minimalistical scandinavian design makes your house trendy, sofisticated and elegant. This item is made using world’s mest sustainable textile technology (wet felting) using only wool, few drops of soap and ca 15 liters of water.
You don’t have to wash this objekt, it’s enought with vacuum cleaning. But if you have to – Soak the object in lukewarm water until it is completely soaked. Rinse and cetrifuge in a washing machine, max 800 rpm. Plan dry. Please, never use tumble dryers for care of felted objects!

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Turquose, Orange