Exhibitions, commissions and events in selection 2009–2023

Purchased products:

  • Blekinge Läns Museum – Interactive interior design for the children’s living workshop, large-scale felted “stones”
  • Region Blekinge: 2 wall hangings in mixed techniques/textiles, 2012 and 2017
  • Emmaboda Municipality: a triptych in textile, mixed techniques, 2015

Assignments and scholarships

  • February 2021 – Public decoration (mural painting) at Litorina Folk High School, Karlskrona
  • June 2020 work grant from region Blekinge for continued work and the completion of a book I have been working on since 2015.
  • January 2020 – Public decoration of the staff room at Litorina Folk College, Karlskrona
  • September – November 2019 – assignment for Blekinge museum, Karlskrona; making interactive felt seating groups for the living workshop

2015 – Received the Karlskrona municipality’s cultural grant for a research project with a book on textiles and felting


  • August – October 2019 – participates with 3 objects in the exhibition “Feutre Roux d’Ardenne” at the Museum of the Felt of Mouzon (Juried, IFA)
  • January-April 2019 – exhibiting felted items made of Swedish wool at Ronneby International Airport
  • January 2019 – exhibits at Maison at Objet Design Fair, Paris, as one of 2 Swedish artisans
  • 22–25 August 2018 – participating in the Formex Design Fair, Stockholm
  • August 8, 2018 – Felted gown Skogsrå/Soul of the Forest received a first prize at Mostra-Concorso-di-Feltro-e Tessitura. The same work is published in the summeredition of the magazine Fiber Art Now.
  • April 2017 – Easter exhibition at Galleri Stortorget, Sölvesborg
  • January 2017 – 1 item published on the Fiber Art Now online gallery http://fiberartnow.net/excellence-fibers gallery-2016/, Juried
  • 2017.02.10 – 2017.04.17 – two of my objects participate in the exhibition “Wearable expressions”, Palos Verdes Art Centre, LA, USA http://www.wearableexpressions.com/, Juried
  • November 2016 – Tactile Textil, separate exhibition at Litorina folk high school in Karlskrona
  • 16.04.23 – 18.09.16 – Participates with 7 works in the collective exhibition “Made in Karlskrona”, Blekinge Läns Museum.
  • 2016 – 1 item published in the book Worldwide Colors of Felt, Juried https://textiellink.nl/index.php?_route_=&site_language=en
  • 15.11.04 – 31.01.16 – Participates in 4 works in the exhibition “Limitless Felting” at Voxenåsen, Oslo. Judged by jury
  • June-September 2014 Common Art&Crafts exhibition at Ronneby Airport
  • March 2014 – participates in Karlskrona Fashion Week with own collection of environmentally friendly clothes made with a combination of old and new technology
  • March 2014 – Exhibition at Emmaboda Library, workshop in eco-dying in connection with the exhibition
  • 2014 – Selected as spearhead for Slöjd i Blekinge
  • October 2013 – Received an award from the ISF as Newbuilder of the Year in Blekinge
  • August-September 2013 – Separate exhibition as artist of the month at Mor Oliviagården, Ronneby
  • August 2013 – Decorative painting and scenography for Skrävle Teatergupp, permanent decorations, scenery
  • July 2013 – Fashionshow in Lönnsboda during the event “In the footsteps of the dragon”
  • June 2013 – Exhibition “4 forces”, Skrävle
  • 2012.09.15 – 2012.10.15 – A graphic exhibition “In the Trollskogen”, illustrations, Litorina Folkhögskola 2010 – Exhibition of art textiles at the tourist office, Karlskrona
  • 2011 May – Artistic installation in Kristianopel, recycled material
  • 2010 – Exhibition of graphic illustrations and artistic objects in textiles, Kristianopels art gallery 2009 – November-December – joint exhibition “Kvinnokraft”, Karlskrona


Professionally active as an artist since 1997, have been looking for “my” field for quite a few years and tested different techniques and orientations. Since about 2006 have worked mostly with textile art, sustainable textile design, interior design, courses in the respective fields and visual arts, mostly graphic. Qualified teacher of visual arts and visual communication for primary and secondary schools. Works as a teacher of art and crafts in elementary school and as a teacher of visual arts and art history at folk high school since 2008, also holds courses in felting on commission and in collaboration with other actors (including the Textile Museum in Borås, Blekinge County Museum, International Feltmakers Organization etc.)

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