Description of artistry

  I have always been fascinated by the textures and detail found in nature. As the years have gone by, the passage of time has also taken on a certain importance in my works. I work with slow processes and techniques that can be perceived as a kind of meditation but I do it in a very urgent era. I am drawn to genuineness and perhaps to somewhat raw expression and larger forms, it may be that love of mythology, fairy tales and fantasy worlds also come in – somehow I want to recreate the forest that embraces one, speaks to one and is there for one in life all the moments. Many of my works are about that, being a part of nature and letting yourself be swept along by the passage of time.

  Another aspect that has become quite important to me is hiking, movement and a sense of belonging. As you lose more and more of your relatives and are moved from “the younger” to “the older”, that you move and are moved, all the previous generations that have moved, moved and moved (in my family we have changed countries about every two generations during the last 2 centuries), one realizes that one’s memories and attachments are what build one’s inner fortress that keeps the person whole.

   I chose wet felting as a technique because it is precisely the balance between form, material and possibilities that gives me the breadth of expression that I am looking for. It gives me the opportunity to work with both form and graphics at the same time, and the almost unlimited possibilities of the material constantly open up new experiments.

   I enjoy working long-term and consistently with well-thought-out projects and creating products that stand the test of time. A dialogue and mutual understanding are very important to carry out good commissioned work and to build a sustainable collaboration with both private customers and companies.

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